Workshops can be tailored to your group’s interests and ages. Contact Kristofor for more information. Many classes require attendees to have their own laptop.

General computing

Anatomy of a computer, online safety, social media, sharing pictures with family and friends, and much more can all be covered in a workshop format.

Build a computer

Join Kristofor as he shows you how to build a computer from its basic parts. Learn what various parts do and how you can choose components based on your own needs. Use old computers as examples, or for an additional cost attendees can take home their own computer at the end of the session.

Programming workshops

Parents and students can attend to receive an introduction to their program of choice. Beginners may choose to learn about Blockly or Scratch, while more advanced users can create a simple 2D game using Unity 3d.


Build a custom avatar, learn how to install and use mods, customize a pre-built mod, or learn how to set up your own Minecraft server.

Minecraft for parents

Learn about what Minecraft is and how it works, including the core game itself and what the modes mean, general multiplayer topics include finding worlds to play on (open worlds) as well as connecting to private servers, how to create and set up your own minecraft server, how to find and install mods, and much more. Can be done in one or more parts. Parents will leave with a running server if they brought a suitable laptop with them and/or access to a download for one if they didn’t bring a machine with them.

Web design workshops

From an introduction to the steps necessary to create a basic webpage to setting up a family blog to creating web games using html5, there are a variety of web design topics that can be covered in a workshop.


Introduction to Blender with a guided tour of the settings, preferences, and the tool iteself, and that start of creating a basic model.