This is just a small sample of the classes available. Classes can be tailored to your group’s ages and interests. Most of our workshops can also be delivered in more depth in a class format. Contact Kristofor for more information. Students must have their own laptop.

General Computing

This class will be broken up into groups based on age/ability and interest. It will aim to be a generalized discussion of technology and computers with a wide-range of potential topics that will be catered to the individual classes.

Movement & Technology

A class geared towards younger children that will include games, stories, and movement to explore concepts involving technology and computing. This class will involve only a limited amount of sitting at actual computers, dependent on the students’ interests, and will be capped at a smaller class size.

Software development for beginners and pre-readers

An introduction to software development that will include a mix of artistic and coding projects to give a balanced overview of what goes into creating software. This class will help students get a sense of which areas of development interest them.

Coding: Modding Minecraft

This class is designed to teach programming/design/art skills by creating and modifying Minecraft mods. Emphasis will be on programming skills, with the potential for a smaller amount of art creation using 2d textures. The class will be a series of projects to create and modify mods for Minecraft. The mods will be open ended but designed to teach a variety of concepts and skills. Occasionally we will offer classes focused on specific creative themes, such as My Little Pony or Pokemon.

3D Modelling: Minecraft

An introduction to 3d modelling and computer art design. Minecraft will be used as an artistic tool for generating 3d models and landscapes. There is potential for the results to be 3d printed for students to bring home, but the focus would be collaborative artwork inside the Minecraft world.

Advanced & Future Classes

Coding: Web Development

Aimed at advanced students to teach skills related to web development. Students will start by choosing a domain name to fit whatever project they’d like to accomplish over the class, setting up the domain, then creating the website to go along with it. The projects will be open ended and the skills will be generalized (with individualized instruction as needed to accomplish goals). These will be individual projects, though each class will put together a group page as a collaborative effort.

Coding: Mobile Apps

A more advanced class focusing on the skills needed for producing mobile applications for Android devices. Each student will work on individual projects and the units/lessons will teach general concepts.

Coding: Game Design

This class will focus on original game design using industry-standard game engines. The focus will be a year-long group project to develop a fully-functioning game. By using a cross-platform engine, we can touch on topics specific to games for those different platforms (ie a game designed for a phone will be significantly different than one designed for a computer). All steps from generating and implementing an idea, to debugging, to publishing a final result will be covered, as time allows. Skills required for working in a team environment will be emphasized. This class is for advanced students and registration will be limited.

3D Modelling: Blender

For more advanced students ready for a more in-depth exploration of computer-generated art assets focusing on Blender but touching on other applications as well. Starting with basic modelling and working up to texturing and animation. More advanced classes might be geared towards large-scale collaboration (such as a short animated film) that span the entire class. Some projects would be designed for the kids to print out on a printer and take home.

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