Workshops & Classes

If you are interested in having Kristofor lead a workshop or schedule a class, please don’t hesitate to contact him. He will work with you to find a topic suitable for your group or event. All workshops are tailored to suit the needs of those attending and can be customized for all age and skill levels.

Examples of workshop and class topics include:

  • Beginner programming (pre-reading or reading)
  • Minecraft modding
  • Web design
  • 3d graphic design
  • Computer basics (workshop can be geared towards kids or adults)
  • Specific programming languages
  • Building a computer
  • And much more

Base rates for workshops start at $15/student/hour and for 6-week classes start at $12/student/hour. If you have a group of at least four interested students who have access to laptops for use during the workshop or class, and a location to host it at, please contact Kristofor to discuss setting up a time. One-on-one tutoring or smaller group classes are also options. Gift certificates are available.