Off-site services

Note that this is just a small sampling of some of the services Kristofor can provide. If what you are looking for is not listed here, contact him to find out if he can help you.

OS re-install

Backup all current data, wipe the computer clean and re-install the current OS to a fresh state. Includes full patching/updating of the new OS afterwards as well as a general maintenance software package that can be pre-configured to run autonomously.


  • Re-installing user applications and restoring backed up data
  • Malware/maintenance software package install + automation setup
  • Streamlining the OS (removing various unnecessary features/applications)

System Tune-ups

If your computer is slowing down but you don’t need or want a full operating system re-install, this package is for you. Basic option of malware screening/removal.


  • Malware: Run scans and clean up of all the malware on the system. Also could include automated maintenance setup if the client wants it.
  • Data backup: Create a backup of existing user data on the system.
  • Data organization/consolidation: This would essentially be looking for user data and consolidating it in one place. Could also include an analysis on what is likely relevant and what could be removed.
  • Application cleanup: Cleaning up installed applications to just those the user still wants.

Custom machine builds

A custom machine will be built based off the client’s needs. The basic service cost is for the build itself, including picking up the parts (that the client has paid for) and delivery. Service will include a 30 minute consult on what components they might need for what they use the computer for (as well as suggestions on components).


  • Parts purchased entirely by Kristofor and warranties will go through him directly
  • Family/children included in the build
  • Any options from the OS reinstall package may be added on as well
  • Data backup and restore of an old system
  • User Application installs
  • Malware/maintenance install/automation, etc.
  • Gaming and VR systems are available

Business Support Contracts

Flexible ongoing maintenance and support for business clients. Inquire about your business needs.

Website Maintenance

Monthly website maintenance contract. The basic package includes weekly file/DB backups and software updates.


  • Emergency website support
  • Updating services

Data Recovery

If you have lost data from a crashed drive or corrupt SD card, Kristofor will do a free assessment to let you know if he can help recover your data. You only pay if he can restore part or all of what you have lost.

Contract Development

Contact Kristofor directly for details on development work.